A Gift Basket for New Mommies: Filled With Lotions, Swan Creek Candles, Books and More

Gift baskets make fantastic gifts. It is so easy to personalize these! You are able to put as much or as little in (which makes it easy to pick your spending limit). Since a lot of my friends are having babies lately, I’m going to share a great gift basket “recipe” for a new mom. It can sometimes be overwhelming to have such a change in the family, and you always want to make sure that mom is happy and taken care of. That’s why, in the gift baskets I put together, I like to add as many care items as possible.

Here’s a few things to include:

1. A book and/or magazines– The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult is a great read! It’s her newest release and a lot of my friends loved reading it. She’s one of my favorite authers.



2.  Some candles–I prefer Swan Creek Candles. They smell great and will be perfect to keep the house smelling yummy when there are plenty of dirty diapers around!

swan creek candle


3. A bottle of lotion– It’s important to keep mom’s skin moisturized. You don’t want her getting itchy and dry! Also, it can be super relaxing to put some lotion on before you climb under the covers for the night.



4. Some of her favorite beverages–It’s important for mom to stay hydrated. It helps keep the body healthy to take care of baby. It’s also very important if she is breastfeeding. I prefer putting drink mix in the basket like this Lipton iced tea mix. It’s a lot lighter than trying to put bottles of ice tea in the gift basket.

drink mix

Steam Baby, Steam!

Whether you want to steam some vegetables for you or for your child, the Baby Bullet is a great way to quickly and easily steam small portions of food for fresh home made meals. You can cook perfectly cooked hard boiled eggs in the Baby Bullet, sanitize small items like nipples to bottles, sippy cup lids, spoons and other items that need to be clean and disinfected.

All you need to do is put your desired fruits or vegetables on the tray, add the specified amount of water using the provided measuring cup, select the setting detailed in the cooking table (booklet provided) and hit the power button and that’s it. I’ve tried cooking hard boiled eggs using the egg tray and they were the best hard boiled eggs I’ve ever made and they were done in ten minutes. I have also tried steamed broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus and potatoes.

Another great benefit is that it’s small and compact, so it fits into cupboards easily when not in use. All that parts except the plate that plugs in, can be washed in the dishwasher, making cleanup easy.

All That Glitters

My mother in law just gave my daughter the cutest gift ever for her birthday and the only thing I’m bummed about is they are just a bit too small and we have to wait a few days for a bigger size.  But – this was the perfect gift and I’ll tell you why.

pink shoe

Not only did it light up my face, but my little girl loved wearing this gift.  The gift was a pair of sparkly pink Tom’s Shoes and they are truly adorable. They fit her feet so well (other than they will only fit for another few days). But the best part is when she was wearing them, she’d dance her little feet just to see them sparkle in the light.

They are so cute and really quite comfortable.  They took an ordinary outfit of a pink shirt and blue jeans and spiced it up in minutes from their bright sparkle and cute lilac color.  IF you are looking for a cute pair of shoes for your little one, these are a great way to go.




If you are looking for inexpensive ways to do your baby girls hair or lack there of, you’ve probably found there are tons of options but most are just too heavy or too expensive or better yet just too ridiculous. After a relentless search for cute, simple, perfectly sized bows that come in an array of colors, I found these and just had to write a review about them. I did not get paid the seller to write this review and I did not receive these in exchange for a positive review, I just searched, searched and searched some more until I found the perfect set and felt compelled to share.

These bows are awesome!


They come in a host of colors and shades of colors as well as black and white so you are guaranteed to find one that matches any outfit.  They are just the right size and they don’t hurt my baby’s delicate head.  They work well with fine or hardly any hair at all and can be added to any head band or scarf for that extra touch.  These are a must buy for any little girl and the best part is the price.

It’s Splash Time

My baby loved the bath initially, then as she got older, she suddenly was not so keen on the idea of water being doused over her. She never through much of a fit, thankfully, but she just never seemed to enjoy it much either. Until I introduced bath time as splash time. Whether we take a bath or a shower, I encourage her to splash as much as she can. She cracks up and giggles with delight and while she’s busy splashing, I can work on quickly giving her a good scrub down without her paying much notice.

It’s also helpful to get a few bath toys, but, for wigglers like mine, it’s best to limit the toys to one or two as she just gets over stimulated and starts to focus again on the next waterfall over her head. Another trick I’ve discovered is we work on our swimming skills. I always have her float on her back and swish her head back and forth. This brings a huge smile to her face each time and it helps rinse out the shampoo easily.

However your little one is motivated, find your own ways to turn dreaded experiences into laugh filled memories.