A Gift Basket for New Mommies: Filled With Lotions, Swan Creek Candles, Books and More

Gift baskets make fantastic gifts. It is so easy to personalize these! You are able to put as much or as little in (which makes it easy to pick your spending limit). Since a lot of my friends are having babies lately, I’m going to share a great gift basket “recipe” for a new mom. It can sometimes be overwhelming to have such a change in the family, and you always want to make sure that mom is happy and taken care of. That’s why, in the gift baskets I put together, I like to add as many care items as possible.

Here’s a few things to include:

1. A book and/or magazines–¬†The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult is a great read! It’s her newest release and a lot of my friends loved reading it. She’s one of my favorite authers.



2. ¬†Some candles–I prefer Swan Creek Candles. They smell great and will be perfect to keep the house smelling yummy when there are plenty of dirty diapers around!

swan creek candle


3. A bottle of lotion– It’s important to keep mom’s skin moisturized. You don’t want her getting itchy and dry! Also, it can be super relaxing to put some lotion on before you climb under the covers for the night.



4. Some of her favorite beverages–It’s important for mom to stay hydrated. It helps keep the body healthy to take care of baby. It’s also very important if she is breastfeeding. I prefer putting drink mix in the basket like this Lipton iced tea mix. It’s a lot lighter than trying to put bottles of ice tea in the gift basket.

drink mix

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