All That Glitters

My mother in law just gave my daughter the cutest gift ever for her birthday and the only thing I’m bummed about is they are just a bit too small and we have to wait a few days for a bigger size.  But – this was the perfect gift and I’ll tell you why.

pink shoe

Not only did it light up my face, but my little girl loved wearing this gift.  The gift was a pair of sparkly pink Tom’s Shoes and they are truly adorable. They fit her feet so well (other than they will only fit for another few days). But the best part is when she was wearing them, she’d dance her little feet just to see them sparkle in the light.

They are so cute and really quite comfortable.  They took an ordinary outfit of a pink shirt and blue jeans and spiced it up in minutes from their bright sparkle and cute lilac color.  IF you are looking for a cute pair of shoes for your little one, these are a great way to go.



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