If you are looking for inexpensive ways to do your baby girls hair or lack there of, you’ve probably found there are tons of options but most are just too heavy or too expensive or better yet just too ridiculous. After a relentless search for cute, simple, perfectly sized bows that come in an array of colors, I found these and just had to write a review about them. I did not get paid the seller to write this review and I did not receive these in exchange for a positive review, I just searched, searched and searched some more until I found the perfect set and felt compelled to share.

These bows are awesome!


They come in a host of colors and shades of colors as well as black and white so you are guaranteed to find one that matches any outfit.  They are just the right size and they don’t hurt my baby’s delicate head.  They work well with fine or hardly any hair at all and can be added to any head band or scarf for that extra touch.  These are a must buy for any little girl and the best part is the price.

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