It’s Splash Time

My baby loved the bath initially, then as she got older, she suddenly was not so keen on the idea of water being doused over her. She never through much of a fit, thankfully, but she just never seemed to enjoy it much either. Until I introduced bath time as splash time. Whether we take a bath or a shower, I encourage her to splash as much as she can. She cracks up and giggles with delight and while she’s busy splashing, I can work on quickly giving her a good scrub down without her paying much notice.

It’s also helpful to get a few bath toys, but, for wigglers like mine, it’s best to limit the toys to one or two as she just gets over stimulated and starts to focus again on the next waterfall over her head. Another trick I’ve discovered is we work on our swimming skills. I always have her float on her back and swish her head back and forth. This brings a huge smile to her face each time and it helps rinse out the shampoo easily.

However your little one is motivated, find your own ways to turn dreaded experiences into laugh filled memories.

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