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A Gift Basket for New Mommies: Filled With Lotions, Swan Creek Candles, Books and More

Gift baskets make fantastic gifts. It is so easy to personalize these! You are able to put as much or as little in (which makes it easy to pick your spending limit). Since a lot of my friends are having babies lately, I’m going to share a great gift basket “recipe” for a new mom. […]

Great Baby Shower Gift Idea – Two in One

If you read my blog, you know that I love items that have multiple purposes, especially when it comes to baby and kids items that have such short life spans as it is. If you are looking for a baby shower gift and something that is a cute add on gift, these little pacifiers from […]

Toy & Socks in One Cute Package

If you are looking for a cute yet practical baby gift, there are lots of options, but I came across this one and for the price and cuteness factor give it a Five Star rating in my book! This Cute Polk Dot Octapus, named Mrs. Sock T. Pus, (how cute is that, btw!?) brings baby […]

DIY Baby Gift: Freshly Hatched Socks

New moms can never have enough baby socks, especially the good ones that actually stay on those adorable little feet. A cute gift idea that you can easily do yourself is to get an assortment of baby socks and present them in a cute and memorable way. You will need either 6 or 12 pairs […]

Top Baby Gifts for 2013

If you are in search of the perfect baby gift, this list will help make sure you’re gift is long remembered, whatever the occasion. Boy or girl, infant or toddler, this list will keep you ahead of the game and make sure you’re not spending a ton of money on a gift that might just […]