Kids Clothes – Recyle, Reuse, Repurpose

When it comes to kids clothes, there is always an abundance. The way kids outgrow clothes so quickly, there is a huge need to be more conservative in our efforts as parents so that we can feel secure knowing our kids will not be wasteful and be more conscientious of the planet and the resources for future generations to come.


A good way to practice good conservation methods with your kids clothes is to keep bins marked with each size of clothing or groups of clothing. Always have a keep for second child or close friend or relative and a give to charity bin. This will help keep the clutter down as well as always teaching your child to help others in need.

Buy items on sale (Naartijie has weekly sales on select items) and wash your kids clothes only when they are dirty, not every time they are worn. Sometimes they only wear their clothes for a few hours and they are not soiled, yet they get tossed in the dirty clothes and washed. Check clothes first before tossing in the dirty pile and always hang up or fold your kids clothes after they are worn. This will teach them to keep their rooms tidy too!

Searsucker Suit and Tie – for Baby

With Easter comes dressier clothes and often you find that your little one only wears that cute Easter outfit once. But that doesn’t have to be the case. I found myself in a baby clothes rutt, seeing my little one in nice clothes only on the weekends. Since I get up and leave for work during the week, I was leaving my kids in their pajamas and focusing on other things. But, I started to notice that none of my day care takers were dressing them in anything but play clothes. This is fine of course, but I decided that everyday was worth dressing up – after all does it really matter if that darling suit gets stained if he’s only going to wear it a few times before he out grows it?

So lets all take a little time to dress nicer, put some effort into our appearance and dress baby in something that will turn heads everyday. Justin Timberlake has made dressing up cool again and this is as much for our little ones as it is for us. I mean, who doesn’t just want to jam to Suit and Tie? This is one of my son’s favorites.


It’s an adorable searsucker suit and tie for a really good price on Amazon. that he has no problem wearing around the house and playing with his cars in. He looks so cute and it makes me happy when I leave for the day, thinking about him all dressed for success.

Feeding on the Go

I recently have migrated from breastfeeding to almost exclusive bottle feeding and have now introduced milk and formula to my baby. I had never had to deal with the mixing on the go issue before as it was never an issue, but now that my baby has formula occasionally, I see the importance of products like the Mixie bottle. While this might seem like an expensive bottle, $19 it is ideal for the traveling family.


We are always on the go, whether on vacation or a day trip with friends and family, and this bottle is genius. You put the dry formula in the bottom container, water in the top and when you are ready to feed, you simply push the bottom compartment up and the formula is added to the water. Shake and serve. Simple as that. This has been a lifesaver for times when we rushing from one place to the next, at dinner or somewhere where it is just not convenient to pour in the formula from my plastic baggy (which by the way creates a mess as it’s just not an easy pour.)

Play Tables for Fun and Learning

Once you little one begins toddling and enters the stage of exploration, you will find yourself looking into play things that can help entertain little one and keep them safe.

play table

Play tables and chairs are a great way to start to train your baby to sit and play and learn and it helps keep things off the floor that shouldn’t be and away from pets and possibly smaller babies that are still inserting everything into their mouths.

There are many styles of play tables available, you can go round, square or even fun shapes. You will want to make sure that the height of the table is the right size. Too big and it can cause danger for baby, too little and it will be outgrown before it is ever used. It’s a good idea to take measurements and even better, take your little one with you to go shopping for a table that will be a good fit.

You will also want to consider the surfaces that you choose and make sure that it’s easy to clean and will hold up to a few years of use and abuse.

Birthday Party Favors for Boys and Girls

My baby’s first birthday is right around the corner and I have been searching for ideas for party favors for the little guests and have narrowed down my choices to two things. For the girls, I found these adorable monogrammed hair bows that come in all sorts of cute colors, making these perfect for spring. I stumbled across these on Pinterest which pointed me to their creator’s site on Etsy. They are truly so cute.


For the boys, I’m getting different bright colored match box cars and getting little circle monogrammed stickers made to put on the hoods or roofs of the cars to make them personal and special for each little guy.

I love the bright colors and circle monograms as it fits perfectly with my theme which is loosely based off the Baby Einstein caterpillar. I’ll be using all sorts of bright colors and lots of circles and colored balloons. For the cake, I’m going to attempt to make a caterpillar cake.