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Shopping for Baby Boy Clothes Based on Dad’s Sense of Style

Some people say that shopping for girl clothes is more fun than boy clothes.  I think it’s all about the mindset.  Recently, I had to buy baby shower gifts for a few friends, two were having boys and three were having girls.  I set out with the same budget in mind for all of them […]

Bad Boy Christmas

I bought this for my son to wear during the Christmas week. I love sweater vests and this one is awesome. I’m dressing up my son to look nice, but the skulls give him a cute bad boy look.

Great Winter Outfits

My son looks to cute in this outfit. My mother bought it for him for a winter outfit and it’s perfect. All the layers keep him nice and warm and easy to take off or put on.

The Little Things in Life

  This was a great gift from my dad,because my husband is a pilot in the army and we miss him everyday.Now my son wears this and it’s just the thought that he’s with us,and my son is here for me.It’s the little things in life that can bring a smile to your face when […]

Fast Clothing Options

When ever I have to run a few errands, I just slip my son into this hooded onesie. It’s easy to get on and off and it keeps him warm too! It’s great for a quick little trip into town.