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Baby Clothes Sushi

If you’re looking for a unique baby shower gift or baby gift, I stumbled across a cute presentation of baby clothes, Baby Clothes Sushi.  This is a great gift for the sushi lover or even for someone who just likes a great visual presentation and lots of color.  You can make this gift yourself or […]

Framed Baby Clothes

When it comes to adding different elements to your nursery, it can be a challenge to get creative without going too far off or even too much into your theme.  It can be overwhelming to walk into a jungle themed room and see nothing but animals everywhere you look.  Adding pictures and framed art is […]

Great Winter Outfits

My son looks to cute in this outfit. My mother bought it for him for a winter outfit and it’s perfect. All the layers keep him nice and warm and easy to take off or put on.

At Least One In Your Babies Closet

It’s always good to have at least one dress shirt for your child. You never know when you might need to wear one or what type of occasion will come along.

Great Winter Bundler

This has  got to be the best baby clothing option ever! Winters can be brutal where we live,and going to have a baby right when the winters get the toughest is scaring me. My sister got me this ” Sherpa-trim bundler” for a baby gift, and it’s perfect. It’s so warm and soft inside, and […]