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Fun Dresses

This is a fun dress to have around the house. You can dress up in it or just go out in it too. My daughter wore it to school the other day and came home and told me that all of her friends wanted one. It’s an easy dress to add some color to, too.

Fun Dresses

This dress is great for holidays and going to church or even weddings.My daughter however, likes to now wear it for dress up or just around the house.Whatever makes her happy. It’s a really cute dress and it’s fun!

Knit Dresses

   I love knit dresses. I wear them all the time and for my baby girls first birthday I got her this cute dress.I love it so much and she looks so cute in it! She is my mini me and I think she looks so adorable in the dress.

Cute Dress

My girl loves wearing dresses.My mom bought me this one for her and she just loves it.It’s so cute and I love when she wears dresses,she just looks so cute.

Dancing Queen

I have been a dancer for over 20 years now.I had my first child and I was so excited that it was a girl.I found this really cute and fun dress.It reminds me of some of my outfits for dance and I am hoping that she will love to be dancer too.If not though,I am […]