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Conversion Junction, Re-purposing Your Old Prom Dress Into A New Dress For Baby

For me, the best baby clothes are those that have a story to them.  Whether they come from friends who’ve passed along items to you, brand new designer duds from boutiques or my personal favorite and what I like to call conversion outfits;  clothes re-purposed or converted from something else, regardless of how they come […]

Fun Baby Girl Clothes

This is just a cute winter season outfit. It’s fun for around the house or going out to run some errands with mommy. The cute bows on the outfit just entertain my daughter.

Cute Customized Sweater

This is a very cute sweater for a little girl. You can customize it and out your child’s initials on it too! This is great for layering or dressing up for a special occasion too.


When the colder season gets near, I love layering clothes. This skirt with a pair of warm leggings and my daughters cute little Ugg boot, is such a cute outfit!

Really Cute Outfits!

  I was looking online,and I saw this outfit and I had to get if for my daughter.My favorite piece in this outfit though, it the jacket.It is so pretty and so cute. I love the color and I can’t wait to receive the whole outfit and see my daughter in it.