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Really Cute Outfits!

  I was looking online,and I saw this outfit and I had to get if for my daughter.My favorite piece in this outfit though, it the jacket.It is so pretty and so cute. I love the color and I can’t wait to receive the whole outfit and see my daughter in it.

Spunky Outfits

This is such a spunky outfit. My girl loves all the colors on it and it is a great out fit for cooler weather too!

Fall Outfits

My sister bought this fun fall outfit for my boy.It’s so cute and looks like a fun and comfortable outfit. It reminds me of what my husband would wear.


My sister is having triplets.What kind of clothes should I get her.Should I get her three of everything or just pick different outfits for each baby girl.

Cuddle Sleep

This is such a cute bodysuit.My sister bought it for my son and he looks so cute in it.He loves sleeping in it,and I think it’s the only thing he will actually sleep in.It’s very soft and he cuddles right up in it.