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Shoe Style

I came across these wonderfully cute personalized shoes while on the hunt for a gift for an old high school friend who just had a baby.  Not wanting to get the same old gift that not is boring to give, but pretty boring to receive, I made it my new mission to find new ways […]

Kick it Up a Notch

The other day, I was going through some clothes that had been given to us by a friend for our little girl and while most of what I sorted through was typical, onesies, sleepers, and other necessary baby clothes, there was one piece in the bin that was a total surprise.  Red boots!  I couldn’t […]

Great Snow Boots

These cute little snow boots are great for my son. The snow is coming soon and my son just learned how to walk, what a great combination. I got him these boots and we will see how he does for the first time in snow. I am so excited and I think he will have […]

Funny Knit Animal Shoes

We found these funny knit animal shoes for our son.Now we’re trying to figure out what he can be for Halloween wearing these shoes with the outfit. We are struggling a little bit,but when he wears these shoes its the funniest thing,because all he does is stare at them and not looking at where he […]

Warm and Easy Shoes

These are great for in the house or even a quick run into the store. They are “Microsuede Boots” and they are so warm on the inside. I have wood floors and sometimes they get really cold,so this keeps my son’s feet nice and warm while playing inside the house.They are easy to slip on […]