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Cute Customized Sweater

This is a very cute sweater for a little girl. You can customize it and out your child’s initials on it too! This is great for layering or dressing up for a special occasion too.

Sweater Coat

This is the cutest sweater coat! My daughter got it for her 6 month birthday present, and I wish I could find something like this for me. She looks so adorable in it!

Dancing Queen

I have been a dancer for over 20 years now.I had my first child and I was so excited that it was a girl.I found this really cute and fun dress.It reminds me of some of my outfits for dance and I am hoping that she will love to be dancer too.If not though,I am […]

Cuffed Jeans

These are the cutest cuffed jeans for my baby girl!I put them on her with this really cute top and some awesome sunglasses and she looked so cute!So many people talked about her and she was looking so stylish.We had the best day and the jeans were actually pretty comfortable for her too!

Fun Shorts

These are the cutest shorts.They are so fun and very cute for the beach or going out on a summer day.My daughter loves them and they are very comfortable on her to.