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Baby Blue Jean Diapers

When we are sitting around the house,I just put my son in the new blue jean diapers and  a T-shirt.It’s always  hot out and so this keeps him cooled off and he looks so cute in them too!

If you have a baby then you have to check out because they have a ton of items that you WILL need when you have that new baby or toddler.  And you will get great prices because they have sales and discounts and promos.  And be sure to look for those promos because they […]

What is your preference?

…when it comes to diapering your child?? Do you have a brand that you stick to no matter what or do you simply go with what’s on sale? Do you cloth diaper?? I’m curious to know what other Momma’s out there are thinking about their diaper habits, past & present. It doesn’t matter if you […]

Top Five Baby Gifts to Give!

Choosing baby gifts can be fun! Give the new mom & baby what they need and want with one of these five top baby gift picks! What was one of your must have baby gifts that you couldn’t go without? 1. Diaper Genie The baby’s room should always smell nice and fresh! The Diaper Genie […]