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First Fourth

The Fourth of July is a big holiday in my family.I’ve bought my daughter so many “Fourth of July” outfits so far.I’m so excited to have her here and I can’t wait for her to experience the fun!


I love valentines day.So this dress is perfect for my baby girl to wear.It has tulle on the bottom and it looks like she is wearing some necklaces too.It is a very cute dress and she is going to look so cute in it.

Valentine’s Day Preperations

I bought this adorable one piece and tutu for my baby girl.She is going to wear it on Valentine’s Day.She is going to look so cute!It has snaps along the back and bottom for easy changes.I can’t wait!

Holiday Season

I’m so excited for the holiday season and I love dressing up and getting into the spirit.I also love Christmas pictures and all that good stuff.I found this cute sweatshirt for my little boy to wear and I added some more layers and stuff and he looked so cute.I’m excited to see how the pictures […]