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Terrible 2’s

My son is two and I can’t seem to keep any of his clothes clean or in good shape.I don’t know how he does this to his clothes but he is always such a mess.Finally I just found some T-shirts and stopped trying to dress him up all the time.I just put him in everyday […]

Easy T-Shirts

I got this t-shirt for my son,just because you can wear it with anything.It’s a perfect top for shorts,jeans,or lounging around at home.You can wear it for what ever and where ever.

Cute Bull Outfit

I found this adorable one piece for my little boy.It is so cute and very comfy for him too.He loves wearing it.He really likes it,because his dad is always out working with the cows a bulls.He loves all the farm animals and I knew this piece would be perfect for him.

I want that bathing suit

While looking online at clothes I happend upon the baby section at and fell in love with this cute one piece bathing suit. I have noticed that kids clothes are getting more fashionable and I am glad. I find this bathing suit so adorable and its in such a popular print too. If you […]

Giraffe Tunic

I was searching on Naartjie for some cute kids clothes for this summer and I *had* to click on the newborn attire. This sleeveless tunic with ribbed neck, bow trimmed front giraffe graphic, bow trimmed shoulders and pinstripe print woven hem strip is just too cute. I think I’m going to have to order one […]