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Cuffed Jeans

These are the cutest cuffed jeans for my baby girl!I put them on her with this really cute top and some awesome sunglasses and she looked so cute!So many people talked about her and she was looking so stylish.We had the best day and the jeans were actually pretty comfortable for her too!

Swimwear And Sunglasses

Me and my husband bought my sisters baby the cutest swimsuit and a pair of sunglasses.They love going to the beach and being outside so we thought it was a great gift.My sister loved it and my niece thought the sunglasses were fun to play with.She looks so cute wearing them!


I bought these cute shades for my son and he just looks so darn cute in them.He loves to wear them and especially when his dad puts his sunglasses on.The two of them are a hoot and it’s hilarious to see him walk around the house with his little sunglasses on!

Swimsuits and Sunglasses

Spring/Summer will be here before we know it. I’ve noticed that stores have started to transition from toboggans to sunglasses and from sweaters to swimsuits. It’s crazy to think that here it is at the end of January and people have already planned their summer vacations. I grabbed a few suits last year on the […]