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Plaid Bodysuit

My husband use to wear a plaid bodysuit like this all the time in the winter. When I found one to fit our brand new son I had to get it. When I showed my husband all he could do was laugh. We put our son in it and he looked so cute!

Great Winter Bundler

This has  got to be the best baby clothing option ever! Winters can be brutal where we live,and going to have a baby right when the winters get the toughest is scaring me. My sister got me this ” Sherpa-trim bundler” for a baby gift, and it’s perfect. It’s so warm and soft inside, and […]

Cute Coats

This peacoat is so cute. My daughter looks so cute in it with her jeans.The coat is so stylish and very warm too.I have a black coat like this so she loves  wearing it when I do.

Winter Hats

My little boy got this hat for the winter time and he looks so adorable in it.It is a cozy and playful hat. Plush design features embroidered eyes and floppy ears.Full cotton jersey lining adds comfort and warmth,and a chin strap offers a secure fit.

Warm Winter Coats

My mother got the cutest hooded coat for our baby girl.It’s so soft and luxurious and made out of faux fur lining.It keeps her nice and warm,especially with the weather getting colder and colder.It’s the perfect coat for a little girl.She loves it.